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This Is How Angry A Future Subaru WRX STI Might Look

12 January 2018

Subaru will bring an STI version of its VIZIV Performance Concept to the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, adding fuel to rumours of an STI renaissance due beyond 2020. It gave us a preview of things to come from the Japanese automaker, especially with hints of it becoming the next-generation Impreza. We know that Subaru at least plans to have a booth at the show featuring the concept you see above: the VIZIV Performance STI Concept. Now, a more hardcore STI variant will make its debut soon at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.

As the name suggests, the Viziv Performance STI is pretty much what we'd imagine the original Viziv Performance concept would be like if it was handed over to those clever people at Subaru Tecnica International, which is the official motorsports and tuning arm of Subaru. While technical details have not been announced, the images released show that the VIZIV has sprouted spoilers, intakes, splitters, large alloy wheels and flared wheel arches, along with plenty of red detailing and an aggressive front-end treatment.

More importantly, while entitled only as a prototype, the new Viziv Performance STI concept is nearly for sure the appetizer for the upcoming new generation WRX STI, a model that remains one of the legends in the segment. However, there are now winglets protuding from the side which likely improve aerodynamics. Do expect the production model however to use the new Subaru Global Platform. It is likely to use a newer turbocharged 2.0-liter boxer engine. Now at last, with the tuner-dedicated Auto Salon nearly upon us, the manufacturer has finally put some performance into its concept.

This Is How Angry A Future Subaru WRX STI Might Look