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Team Heads to Puerto Rico for Power Restoration

12 January 2018

These crew members are power restoration pros and Mick Murphy volunteered to put those skills to the test in Puerto Rico.

Xcel Energy trucks left for Puerto Rico earlier this month and were loaded onto a barge in Louisiana and are now on their way to the island.

Making this job a unique one.

"A lot of people are getting flu A or flu B, and of course you have to treat a lot of them are dehydrated so a lot of treatment with IV therapies right now", explained Brian Casey, the manager of Family Medical Walk-In Clinics. While this shortage appears bigger, hospitals have dealt with shortages before, Thompson said, so they'll keep monitoring supplies - and knocking on wood.

"I feel a little more at ease", she said about the upcoming trip.

"If we can't support patients coming in emergency rooms who have the flu, more people are going to die", predicts Deborah Pasko, director of medication safety and quality at the American Society of Health System Pharmacists, a professional group.

Team Heads to Puerto Rico for Power Restoration
Team Heads to Puerto Rico for Power Restoration

With the help of crewmembers across JetBlue´s 101-city network, including those in Puerto Rico, as well as partners such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló, and the Puerto Rico Tourism company, the airline has spent the past 100 days implementing its plan.

Murphy recently traveled to Florida to help with hurricane relief efforts.

Influenza is widespread in the USA but has not quite reached epidemic levels, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

This isn't Xcel's first rodeo.

One of the major manufacturers of IV bags is in Puerto Rico and is still trying to rebound.

They reported seeing the abysmal lack of leadership by the Trump administration in response to the crises despite the hard work of federal workers on the ground in Puerto Rico.

Team Heads to Puerto Rico for Power Restoration