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Swiss Can't Stick Live Lobsters in Boiling Water Anymore

12 January 2018

Geneva: The Swiss government on Wednesday ordered an end to the common culinary practice of throwing flailing lobsters into boiling water, ruling that they must be knocked out before they are killed.

The Swiss government ruled that lobsters can not be thrown into boiling water while alive.

Lobsters in Switzerland now have to be stunned before chefs plunge them into hot water to cook them.

The Swiss government has gone against the wishes of restaurateurs and banned the practice of boiling live lobsters.

Switzerland's new rule is part of an overhaul of animal protection laws that goes into effect on March 1.

The government explained the crustaceans can be "stunned" by electrically shocking the sea creature, or by the "mechanical destruction" of the crustacean's brain.

Neighboring Italy's highest court ruled in June that lobsters must not be kept on ice in restaurants because it causes them unjustifiable suffering before they head for death by fine dining.

Transporters of live lobsters will also be required to carry them around "in their natural environment", not on ice or in super-cold water.

The announcement is set to anger the country's gastronomy sector while pleasing animal rights groups that have argued lobsters and similar species likely feel pain when cooked alive.

The government order also aims to crack down on illegal puppy farms and imports, and ban devices that automatically punish dogs when they bark.

Swiss Can't Stick Live Lobsters in Boiling Water Anymore