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Super Blue Blood-Moon Makes Appearance in 2018

12 January 2018

The "blood moon" term comes from Christian authors popularizing the term as it relates to biblical prophecies.The last lunar tetrad occurred between 2014 and 2015.

A supermoon, blue Moon, and blood Moon - oh my! The term "blue moon" is an unscientific term with hazy origins, possibly from folklore, that some use to refer to a second full moon in a month. Mark your calendars for January 31st!

And the finale will itself be a combination of three separate but simultaneous celestial events, the first time such a phenomenon has happened since March 1866.

By the time the phenomenon would be viewable in the sky over South Florida, it'll be close to 7 a.m. January 31, when the moon is dipping near the horizon and the day is breaking. More astronomical events are on tap for 2018, including planetary alignments, meteor showers and a comet passing by in December, according to National Geographic.

Across the NSW north coast and Gold Coast, the super red blue moon starts at 10.48pm (NSW time), eclipsing fully from 11.51 pm to 1.07 am, ending at 2.11am, with a clear view to the north the best for viewing the super red blue moon on January 31. This time, it will be the Earth that casts its shadow on the moon, blocking out some of the light from the supermoon the night of January 31st.

Southern Cross University geographer Professor Bill Boyd told Daily Mail Australia while every moon was special in its own way, the fact three were happening at once was what made it stand out. The moon will reach a point in its orbit where the Earth will completely obstruct the Sun from its view causing all hues of blue to disappear, leaving the moon a copper-red colour!

Our sky is blue because when the Sun's light hits our atmosphere, it scatters more blue light across the sky than the other colours.

"Unfortunately we are not well positioned to see it", Simpson said.

Obviously, a telescope would be ideal, but it should be fine to view with your naked eye as well! "But it's another great chance to watch the Moon".

Super Blue Blood-Moon Makes Appearance in 2018