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PS4 Exclusive Title 'Border Break' Announced With First Game Trailer

12 January 2018

There will be a story mode added on top of the normal tournament gameplay with a variety of missions and boss battles.

Even better, Mario Tennis Aces will be the first Mario Tennis game since the Game Boy Advance Tennis titles to incorporate a story mode. The game's specific release date is not yet available.

The Mario Tennis series has been dipping quality over the last several years, but it looks like Nintendo is upping the ante with the next game. It's been a rollercoaster couple of days for Nintendo fans who have been waiting to hear confirmation or denial of a hotly rumored Nintendo Direct stream.

Retro Studio's take on Donkey Kong also gets the same treatment.

Kirby Star Allies was announced previous year, promising 4-player co-op side-scrolling gameplay for Nintendo Switch fans. One of the games that was highlighted was Kirby Star Allies.

Following the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC releases, NIS America is bringing Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana to Nintendo Switch.

EA's intriguing indie, Fe, also got a release date and a Switch trailer, confirming that its ethereal adventuring will arrive on February 16. Knowing every area of the game's kingdoms will be key.

Another third-party port coming to the Switch, Payday 2 brings elaborate heists anywhere you are. The presentation was heavy on DLC and ports of older games, but what about new stuff? What's new? A new "beginner-friendly" mode featuring Funky Kong.

Once you've beaten the game and picked up this free update, you'll be able to play a new mode called Luigi's Balloon World. The first wave hits January 31 and the second will be released on March 23. New outfits will also be included such as Sunshine Shades and knights armor. The free update will release for Super Mario Odyssey this February.