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Passenger films Disney monorail running with door open

12 January 2018

Riders on Disney World's monorail noticed that one door didn't close all the way, and they recorded the incident.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the woman subsequently said the red line train appeared to be experiencing issues before departure and maintenance spent approximately 10 minutes working on the door.

Monorails can reach speed of up to 40mph during their trips but, according to The Disney Blog, the train doors are fitted with a sensor that is supposed to alert the driver if a door has not closed properly to prevent the train from leaving the station.

While Disney World guests might be expecting exciting thrills aboard Space Mountain or Expedition Everest, passengers on what was meant to be a routine Disney Monorail ride got a lot more excitement than they bargained for this week.

"Don't smoke, it's unsafe!" one person jokes.

Thankfully, everyone arrived at the final destination safely.

Park-goers can be seen on the ground below in some parts of the video and a female passenger can also be seen sitting near the open door as she grips onto a pole
Passenger films Disney monorail running with door open

'They scolded us for not using the emergency phone, ' the woman said.

The passenger said she and other visitors were taking Monorail Red to Epcot on Saturday when a door failed to latch at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

"As we left the station, I heard an announcement that the train was returning to the yard and not to board it", she said.

The woman said passengers told Disney employees about the door after the train stopped. "This could have ended very differently".

A Disney spokeswoman said the monorail in question was removed immediately and that fixes to the train and new safety measures will make sure that a similar incident doesn't happen again. The ride from the transportation center to Epcot takes about 15 minutes, with the Disney Monorail's average speed hitting 40 miles per hour.

Passenger films Disney monorail running with door open