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Pak-US cooperation imperative for regional peace: Foreign Office

12 January 2018

During his visit, Kay emphasised the importance of Pakistan and Afghanistan working together to build a constructive relationship, which leads to greater security and stability in the region, the statement said. He said on the basis of intelligence shared with the USA, we were able to secure the region and decimate Al Qaida. Working towards enduring peace requires mutual respect and trust alongwith perseverance. Trump subsequently also moved on to freeze much of the promised United States financial aid to Pakistan, as well as security aid and planned deliveries of military equipment. "Pakistan's economy has carried the burden of hosting Afghan refugees since long and in the present circumstances it can not sustain it further", it added. He added that the suspending but not cutting off permanently security aid to Pakistan.

Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the National Unity Government (NUG), directed the relevant Afghan authorities to stay in close coordination with their Pakistani counterparts and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to ensure that the rights of the refugees are protected.

Historically, Pakistan has faced the same type of criticism before regarding its counterterrorism efforts and providing of "safe havens" to terrorists from the past two White House administrations, with the Pakistani government staunchly refusing to ramp up their operational tempo when accused of aiding the Taliban's efforts.

Asif made the latest claims during a meeting with the foreign diplomats which was organized in reaction to the recent United States moves for blocking the security aid to Pakistan.

"Details were also provided on how Indian belligerence and unhelpful posturing is distracting Pakistan's counter terrorism efforts and how an active RAW/NDS nexus is verifiably working to undermine Pakistan's internal stability", he added.

Responding to a question, the Foreign Office Spokesperson said that both Pakistan and the United States continue to communication with each other on various issues of mutual interests at different levels.He pointed out that Pakistan has been facilitating the USA led mission in Afghanistan through air and ground lines of communication for the last sixteen years.

The Foreign Office Spokesperson said that Pakistan had repeatedly said it had no objection to resume talks with India.

The Indian occupation forces' brutalities on innocent and defenceless Kashmiris of Indian occupied Kashmir continued with impunity. Only composite dialogues can solve Pak-India issues, "he maintained". The spokesperson for the USA embassy in Pakistan, Richard Snelsire made a statement in which he alluded that they had not received any communication formally regarding the suspended relations between Islamabad and Washington.

Khan said his country wants to keep engagement with the United States open and would use its leverage after the utmost care and deliberation.

Pak-US cooperation imperative for regional peace: Foreign Office