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Local hospitals feel impact of IV bag shortage

12 January 2018

CT has been a destination for many evacuees.

Officials say those districts are educating 85 percent of the more than 2,100 students from Puerto Rico who have enrolled in public schools in MA since the hurricane. Hundreds of thousands of people are still without power on the island four months later.

"The exodus is getting bigger, not smaller", Murphy said.

"There's a lot of need for rebuilding", Corbitt said.

Boyer says they became aware of the shortage after Christmas during one of Xenia's treatments.

We also reached out to Regional Hospital.

The IV shortage caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico temporarily shutdown pharmaceutical manufacturing plants that produce most of the United States' supplies.

But he added there is still plenty of work to do, noting that 40 percent of the island is still without power.

FPL is working with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other electric company contractors on the island. They should be angry that, as fellow Americans, they're treated with such abysmal and abject neglect. The lack of electricity has also shut down factories, curbing the production of medical devices, he said. Her mom, Lourdes Rodriguez, translates for her and explains a bit more. Those are our tax dollars funding their expensive junket to Puerto Rico all the while the whole reason for this little trip is to stick it to President Trump. There are no resources in Puerto Rico, so his wife had to come here, the husband said in Spanish. This week, a task force formed to address the varying death toll numbers attributed to Hurricane Maria.

The Board of Education took in 181 new students, including several high-school seniors, Diaz said. No problem. Cruz said they used lettuce instead. An Amazon truck also passed out $15,000 worth of toys, bed sheets, deodorant, towels and diapers.

Cosgrove pointed to the dedication and resilience of Puerto Ricans whose personal lives were drastically impacted by the storm yet toiled on an around-the-clock basis to get cargo moving. "It's not like you're in Texas and you have a state next door that can come and help us".

Only a few other companies make those solutions, and supplies never fully recovered after a 2014 shortage of saline bags.

"We are asking them to intercede for us so that way Puerto Rico can get back to its normality because they are suffering and we really need all of the help we can get from people and god".

"Washington could use some lessons in leadership from New Haven", Blumenthal said. For these people over there that have been suffering for so long, to us - it's in our blood.

Local hospitals feel impact of IV bag shortage