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LG G7 May Bring Along LG Pay in the US

12 January 2018

The new payment service will allow for all of the various payment tools to unite under one name and service. These are two very useful and common payment services on Android.

LG Pay has been running in South Korea since last June-June seems to be a big month for LG in general-and getting on an expansion footing is about the only way to snag business away from the enormous market of competitors in play. This new service is expected to be available online, in store (NFC payments), and across several Google Products including Tez. Moreover, because all your details will naturally be synced to your Google account, you won't have to worry about which piece of information goes where. Much like "Pay With Google", developer information for Google Pay has also been released. Especially in the West. Google, known for its plethora of applications all doing more or less the same thing, has launched Google Pay at CES 2018. Compare that with Samsung Pay, which is already offered on 12 devices in 14 countries, and Android Pay, which can be used with any NFC-enabled Android phone in 17 countries. Going forward, you will be able to make in-store payments, money transfers, and online transactions all from a single app [Google Pay]. If you need to pay a friend, then you can now use Google Pay for that too.

Google Pay, according to the Mountain View California-based tech giant is now available on Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart, and other apps and websites.

Obviously, Google is hoping that GPay will be able to compete straight up with Apple Pay.

As such, it will be an uphill battle for LG to convince people to use its mobile payment platform. Mobile payments are likely the future for many, so Google felt consolidating the existing payment options will make things easier for those using mobile devices. You will be able to enjoy a simplified checkout system while using Tez. Apple Pay on the other hand is supported in 25 countries and regions. Now, it's back, and word from the company proper is that it's finally coming to the United States, and just in time for summer. While CES was ongoing half a world away, over at Korea LG revealed its plans to bring its existing LG Pay system to the U.S. by the middle of 2018 but with a confusing name change.

LG G7 May Bring Along LG Pay in the US