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LeBron James Roasts Cleveland Browns In Spectacular Fashion After 0-16 Season

12 January 2018

The Browns have never been to the Super Bowl, but at one time they were the talk of the National Football League before the Super Bowl era-winning titles in 1950, 1954, 1955, and 1964. Apparently, the same could be said about a losing season if you're the 0-16 Cleveland Browns. The frustration of fans turned into one man vowing to have a parade for the "perfect season". It was an eventful day of beer chugging, live music and hilarious floats.

Welcome to rock bottom, Browns fans! McNeil not only had to obtain necessary permits, he had to deal with more than 100 media calls the week leading up to the event, security, portable toilets, safety and everything else that goes with an event like this.

Being from Akron, Ohio, as well as being drafted by his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James will forever be connected with sports in Cleveland, even if he isn't a huge fan of them.

It's surprising that James wasn't out there with the fans for their parade. The organization has been the model of ineptitude for almost three decades. "This is an 0 and 16 parade, not a 1 and 15 parade". A team that has managed to win only four games in the last three seasons should be happy enough having any fans, period.

The Browns haven't had a winning season since 2007, and despite going 10-6 that year, they didn't make the playoffs. Personally to me, the toughest job in Cleveland is not being under center, but working in the Ticket Sales Department out in Berea, calling jaded and angry fans about season ticket renewals.

"I got a kick out of it", James told The Athletic.

Heading down to the parade Saturday, the brisk cold was definitely felt, with a blistering high of 9 degrees, not even taking into account the wind chill, which, as I can attest to, felt a lot colder. You know how you see some s-t and you're like, 'That's not really happening, right?' And it's so bad that it's laughable.

Another sign held by a guy (I guess it was a guy because he/she wore a dog mask) read: "Stupid Parade Believeland Go Browns". This was the aftermath of 0-16 in this city, a part-celebration, part-protest and part-cathartic for fans who have followed the Browns and all their foibles throughout the years.

Kenneth Chrulski, a 19-year-old Vermillion native, was critical of Browns ownership, citing the "poor management" since the team's return as well as "the lack of consistency in coaching from year to year".

That wouldn't be a problem if this was any other team.

LeBron James Roasts Cleveland Browns In Spectacular Fashion After 0-16 Season