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Footage of Cancelled "Modernized" Star Wars X-Wing Game Emerges

12 January 2018

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 showed us how a good space combat game set in the Star Wars universe could look on modern hardware, and now a pitch video from 2016 has surfaced that shows another company's take on the genre. According to the release notes, the latest patch makes Ping calculations more accurate, and it also improves the Lobby functionality of the game.

It was a pleasant surprise to see multiplayer return in 2005's Star Wars Battlefront II, both because people still cherish that game and, well, 2017's Battlefront II didn't pan out how we would've liked.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first update to the game within the past year.

Double Damage - the developers behind space western Rebel Galaxy - are now developing a game that takes some inspiration from Wing Commander's Privateer spinoff, and in 2016 they built a Star Wars space sim prototype and pitched it to EA.

Footage of Cancelled
Footage of Cancelled "Modernized" Star Wars X-Wing Game Emerges

Given this, many thought that the ideal would be to add a system of cosmetic objects similar to games like Overwatch. Notable among those is Destauch's "Darth Vader In Pink". But all the work put into this pitch didn't go to waste: Double Damage is now working on an unannounced space shooter, and the Star Wars demo laid the foundation for it.

What's more confusing is that EA did not go with this feature since the beginning, even though the game supports 64 players at the same time. Now if you want Vader in pink, he's all yours in Battlefront 2's PC version.

"The initial catalyst was weaker-than-expected Q3:18 guidance, which suggested sagging expectations for Star Wars Battlefront II", Pachter wrote. However, it's nice to see Disney and Lucasfilms are doing what they can to maintain classic Star Wars games like Battlefront 2.

Footage of Cancelled