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'Dangerously cold' wind chills threaten millions from Great Lakes to New England

12 January 2018

On Friday, the National Weather Service (NWS) predicted dangerously low temperatures moving into the weekend as frigid air lingering over the North Pole prowled towards the U.S. mid-Atlantic region.

Sunday morning was expected to bring the coldest temperatures from Portland, Maine, to Washington, D.C. More seasonable weather is expected to return early next week with temperatures in the high 30s and near 40s.

Winds chills will be well below zero this weekend, with some areas feeling like it is minus 40.

The temperature will gradually rise as the cold air drifts away.

In Burlington, Vermont, the temperature was minus 1 on Saturday morning, with a wind chill of minus 30. Or as meteorologists say, it's the "feels-like" temperature.

Wind chill is calculated by the rate the body loses heat due to speed winds and cold temperatures.

It dumped more than a foot of snow across eight states, deluged streets in MA with icy water and is now bringing extremely strong northwest winds and frigid arctic air to the US.

Saturday's cold snap has been called risky because it will make it easier for people to experience hypothermia and frostbite.

And when the wind chill registers below minus 50, it would take only five minutes for exposed skin to develop frostbite.

At least 22 people in the United States have died in brutal cold weather following a massive winter storm causing the weather to become even more unbearable across the Northeast and Midwest of the country.

Six deaths were reported in Wisconsin, four in Texas, three in North Carolina, and one each in Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia.

In Virginia, two died in the aftermath of a snowstorm this week, including a girl struck by a pickup truck while sledding and a 75-year-old man hit by a snow-plow while clearing the business parking lots, said local authorities.

In one of the latest fatalities attributed to the weather, a vehicle slid off an icy road, killing a pedestrian early on Friday in North Charleston in the southeastern US state of SC, city officials said.

"This is a serious, serious storm", New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference. Waves from the sea washed into Boston streets.

On Thursday afternoon, the tide gauge at Boston Harbor matched its record at 15.1 feet - previously set during the blizzard of 1978.

The storm that delivered the wintry deluge has battered coastal communities in MA.

'Dangerously cold' wind chills threaten millions from Great Lakes to New England