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Dancing on Ice: Candice Brown hits back at 'snog' accusations

12 January 2018

He hit headlines at the end of the programme when he appeared to look down Brandee's top, but Phillip defended the actor on This Morning on Monday, insisting he had just been looking for a prop that had fallen out during the routine.

ITV's comeback series will kick off on Sunday night as a fresh batch of celebrity contestants show off their newly learnt skills on the ice.

But with its thin fabric, plunging neckline and no sleeves, it did beg the question, surely she must have been freezing?!

Well, apparently the mum-of-three has a nifty trick to keep her toasty during the lengthy two-hour show - by slipping handwarmers down her dress.

"It can get pretty nippy at the ice rink, so Holly found a cheeky way of keeping herself warm", a source told The Sun Online. It worked a treat'.

Holly and Phil also keep warm by wrapping up for as long as possible before they are needed to don their glam outfits for the dress rehearsal and main event.

He said: "The studio has been freezing. I even put handwarmers down my boxers", he revealed to the audience on Sunday.

She and Evers will take to the ice against the competitor who receives the lowest score of the night next Sunday.

Taking to Twitter to share their excitement, one fan wrote: 'Wooo it's back and not quite sure why it ever went away! The evening wear ensemble made a change from Holly's regular smart yet casual daytime look that she uploads daily to her Instagram account with the popular hashtag caption #HWSTYLE.

Torvill added: "I'm really impressed that you're coming out here performing, doing something completely different".

Now, roll on next Sunday...

Dancing on Ice: Candice Brown hits back at 'snog' accusations