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Consumers spend more time on Snapchat than Instagram

12 January 2018

"Also Snap Maps, which was touted as an exciting new feature - it was rolled out last June - had less than 10 percent penetration on the app".

Snapchat announced it would be undergoing a redesign in November 2017 after the company posted slow revenue growth and missed its financial forecasts.

No doubt other changes will reveal themselves as we play with the new-look Snapchat. Although this may improve the user experience, there is disagreement at Snapchat whether or not this will hurt ad views/rates. That could be one reason Snap plans to make maps more prominent in its redesign, highlighting items from the map in the new Discover section.

Employees, partners, and investors have been kept in the dark about how well (or poorly) many key features of the app are doing.
Included are some interesting details about what has been successful, what has flopped, and what Snapchat users use the service for most.

The data-spanning April to late September a year ago, when some features like maps were only just getting off the ground-suggests that, for all the new bells and whistles, Snapchat is mostly used to message friends.

Snap has plenty of reasons to be anxious with the performance of its Snapchat app following the revelation that users don't regularly use many of its major features - instead opting to use the app to communicate back and forth with friends privately.

Much of the Daily Beast story was focused on the company's secretive culture, something chief executive officer Evan Spiegel is known for and has discussed in past interviews and at conferences.

The number of users sending snaps daily has also increased over time, reflecting growing use of the Snapchat camera to send messages and post public stories.

Consumers spend more time on Snapchat than Instagram