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Christian Bale still hasn't seen Ben Affleck's Batman

12 January 2018

During the interview on the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast with MTV's Josh Horowitz, Bale admitted that he had not seen the three more recent DC Extended Universe films starring Affleck as Batman, including this fall's "Justice League".

Christian hasn't seen many superhero movies!

"Yes, I'm interested [in seeing Ben Affleck's performance]", he said.

Christian Bale recently appeared on an episode of the podcast Happy Sad Confused in which he discussed things such as the time he was nearly cast in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

"I have to confess, I'm not a huge superhero film fan", he continued. "People seem surprised at that, I don't know why", Bale said. He said: "Very sadly, I have not been able to watch that film since because of the whole tragedy of Aurora".

But he added, "I hear they're very good, but I'm quite happy just hearing they're very good".

Perhaps Bale will get round to taking his son to see Matt Reeves' The Batman once it arrives, whoever happens to be playing the title role. However, as Bale indicates, this is not something he's doing out of spite. He's much more of an actor's actor than he is a fanboy of sorts, like, say Zachary Levi. Affleck or Bale? Let us know down below!

"I didn't have knowledge of the graphic novels or the comics". I had seen some of the other films. Bale recently mentioned that he hasn't seen Affleck's DCEU Batman yet, despite wanting to see how his successor has fared over the past two years. "And the first thing I turn around and look and it's Christian Bale, and the first thing I thought was like, 'Christian Bale's British?'" Affleck stated that Bale had some practical advice for him in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

It's a shame that Bale hasn't seen his performance yet, but as it stands with the fandom, the Nolan trilogy had peaked with The Dark Knight.

"You know, he's, I think he's a brilliant actor, I admire him enormously, I think he's fantastic, you know, and Chris Nolan did an incredible job with the previous version, so I was very much kind of like".

Christian Bale still hasn't seen Ben Affleck's Batman