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California Legalizes Sales Of Marijuana, Hundreds Queue Up To Buy

12 January 2018

It's happened in other states, Dr. Stevens says, and already in California, where emergency room visits by children under 12, who accidentally consumed marijuana, have shot up 800 percent.

Shops selling marijuana opened for business in California on Monday, as it became the largest US state to allow the purchase of the drug for recreational use. One Fresno County city, Coalinga is allowing commercial cultivation but is months away from allowing recreational sales.

California voted to legalize in 2016. But the state's total haul since 2014 has been just over $4 billion, and if BDS's predictions are right, California could blow past Colorado in a year.

They will be prohibited from consuming the drug in public places, with 1,000 feet (300m) of a school or while driving. Another general rule: Don't smoke anywhere where tobacco is prohibited.

That's because those two cities won't start issuing their permits until this week. Cultivators will pay taxes on buds and leaves they sell, which is expected to be passed on to consumers at retail counters, too.

The Association of Police Chiefs of California, which opposed the measure at the polls, remains concerned about marijuana drivers, the appeal of grass to young people as it becomes more normal, and the cost of surveillance of the new regulations as well as the existing black market.

The state's marijuana market has been valued at several billion dollars and is set to bring in around US$1 billion (NZ$1.4 billion) annual tax revenue.

In the 1970s felony possession of less than an ounce was downgraded to a misdemeanor, then state voters approved marijuana for medicinal purposes in 1996.

A new report issued Tuesday indicated the bureau has issued 478 temporary licenses to firms to test, distribute and sell medical and recreational marijuana, which began January 1 after voters approved a legalization initiative, Proposition 64, in 2016.

With Massachusetts up next to start selling recreational pot, legalization advocates believe Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, and DE could be the next states to pass recreational marijuana laws.

The state also has issued licenses for cultivating marijuana, with one of the first going to CalWave Enterprises for an indoor growing operation of up to 5,000 square feet in Santa Cruz. "That they want to find a way to tax and regulate cannabis so we can take a chunk out of criminal gangs and put some money into our general fund so we can provide city services".

California Legalizes Sales Of Marijuana, Hundreds Queue Up To Buy