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Battlestar Galactica Actor Donnelly Rhodes Dies at 80

12 January 2018

In addition to Battlestar Galactica, Rhodes had a habit of appearing on many different shows that have become an integral part of geek culture.

Canadian actor Donnelly Rhodes, best known for character roles like the hapless escaped con Dutch Leitner on ABC's soap opera spoof Soap and Doc Sherman Cottle on Battlestar Galactica, has died.

According to his talent agency, and as reported by MovieFone, Rhodes died in Canada on Monday, following a battle with cancer.

Rhodes, who joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as an airman-mechanic before settling into his career as an actor, was arguably most well-known in the US for his role as the dim-witted escaped con Dutch in the ABC soap opera spoof Soap. Ronald D. Moore, who created the series, took to Twitter to share his condolences. He was a lovely man and I so enjoyed writing for him. Admired his work ever since Soap.

"Just heard that Donnelly Rhodes, Galactica's own Doc Cottle, has passed away".

Other TV credits included The Young and the Restless, Cheers, Murder She Wrote, The X-Files, and Smallville. In recent years, he appeared in Supernatural as Father Simon and in 2016's Arrowverse crossover "Invasion" as Agent Smith. He started with small roles in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and the "Mission: Impossible" television series.

On Da Vinci's Inquest Rhdoes played Det.

In 2002, Rhodes won a Gemini award-the Canadian equivalent of the Emmys-for outstanding lead actor in a drama series for playing Detective Leo Shannon in Da Vinci's Inquest.

He is survived by wife Sarah, a daughter, and a son.

Battlestar Galactica Actor Donnelly Rhodes Dies at 80