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Barack Obama Shares His Favorite Tracks Of 2017 [PLAYLIST]

12 January 2018

In loving memory of the year 2017, Barack Obama has chose to reveal a list of his favourite songs.

Obama is clearly keeping his word when he told the American populace at his farewell speech, "I will be right there with you, as a citizen, for all my remaining days..."

"During my presidency, I started a tradition of sharing my reading lists and playlists", he shared on Facebook Sunday.

The former president's reading list is consumed with reads that surround social matters such as feminism, refugee crisis', and situational tales of the unsung. Obama also gave a bonus shout-out to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's "Coach Wooden and Me".

Former POTUS kicked off his favorite music releases of 2017 with J Balvin and Willy William's "Mi Gente" or "My People" followed by Camila Cabello's hit song, "Havana" featuring Young Thug.

So, what songs has Obama been playing on repeat?

Obama's list also includes some of the best rap songs of 2017 like Kendrick Lamar's "Humble", Jay-Z and Beyonce's "Family Feud", and Chance The Rapper's "First World Problems".

Is anyone else having trouble picturing the former President singing along to Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled?

Suddenly, we're envisioning Obama rapping, "Sit down, lil' bitch!"

Now settling into his role as a citizen, Barack Obama made a decision to update this tradition with a new playlist.

Barack Obama Shares His Favorite Tracks Of 2017 [PLAYLIST]