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Arkansas Teen Fires at Police Before Officers Fatally Shoot Him

12 January 2018

"I want to offer my condolences to the Smith family and my prayers as well", Chief Davis said, according to KATV.

As an officer pats down the first suspect, he can be heard asking him why he is "super uptight" and "nervous".

A patrolman told the driver to get out of the vehicle before asking, "You ain't got anything insane on you, do you?" followed by '"Why were you driving so dang-gummed fast, man?"

Authorities said a gun and a small bag containing marijuana was found on one of the occupants - 17-year-old Charles Smith Jr. - during a pat-down search.

McKnight was charged with attempted armed robbery, criminal conspiracy, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, possession of a pistol by someone under 18, and possession of a stolen pistol.

Davis added that the officers at the scene were not wearing body cameras and the department could release the names of the officers after they come up with a strategy to protect them.

Smith had been a passenger in the back seat of a auto officers pulled over for speeding in North Little Rock around 1:00 p.m. Saturday. He did not say how many attempts were made.

A moment later, the police open fire and kill Smith. Then another shot is fired, narrowly missing the face of an officer.

Smith comes into the scene of the video as a scuffle breaks out.

However, an officer on multiple occasions told Smith not to reach for something, and the two wrestled to the ground. Findings will then be submitted to the Pulaski County prosecuting attorney's office for review regarding whether deadly force was justified.

The North Little Rock Police Department - one of a handful of departments in Arkansas that investigate such encounters in-house - is conducting the investigation.

A separate internal probe is also expected into whether department protocol was followed, according to police. "He was equipped and we, indeed, needed to make a move thus". Merritt said North Little Rock police told him that additional dashboard video footage does exist, and he'd like to see it. "I also want to ask for continued support for not only the officers involved in this tragic incident but to all officers who are out serving and protecting our city each and every day". "I'm just going to shoot it straight with you man, like I said just the way you was acting, it's making me feel like there's something in that vehicle". "He was armed and we, in fact, had to take action because of that".

Arkansas Teen Fires at Police Before Officers Fatally Shoot Him