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Lenovo Smart Display gives Google's Assistant a screen

11 January 2018

Add this to the ever-growing list of stuff getting Google Assistant functionality at this year's CES.

Google Assistant may have completely taken over the ongoing CES 2018 exhibition, powering not just a large number of "conventional" speakers and headphones unveiled in Las Vegas this week, but also a new trio of "smart displays". With Google Assistant, Dish customers with a Hopper, Joey or Wally can enable Hands-Free TV and voice control their TV in multiple languages, including English and Spanish.

The first of these gadgets that was announced is the Lenovo Smart Display. The Lenovo Smart Display comes in an 8 inch and 10 inch variant and looks pretty great too. The on-screen display can let you know if a home security camera detects motion, or when a smart lock is unlocked (if the camera or lock are compatible with IFTTT). The LINK View will join the recently launched JBL LINK series.

The high-resolution touch screen and camera is framed by two front-firing stereo speakers and a rear-facing passive radiator. It's priced at $499 and also has Chromecast and Bluetooth 4.2 built-in.

Pricing details have yet to be announced, but JBL says the Link View will be available at some point this summer.

The large, boxy design looks boring and not all that aesthetically pleasing, and while the 8-inch touchscreen display itself should be fine, the fact that there's no tilt to it like there is on Lenovo and JBL's options could make for some hard viewing angles.

Sony is also working on a smart display with Google Assistant integration, but we've yet to see that model in the flesh.

Lenovo Smart Display gives Google's Assistant a screen