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New Jersey man stripped of his USA citizenship

10 January 2018

Baljinder Singh, 43, from Carteret, New Jersey is the first naturalized Indian American citizen to be stripped of his us citizenship under the Trump administration.

A U.S. District Court has recently revoked an India native's naturalized U.S. citizenship as part of the Department of Homeland Security's Operation Janus.

Last Friday, a federal judge in New Jersey revoked his naturalisation, reverting him back to lawful permanent resident, which means that he can be subject to removal proceedings.

Baljinder Singh alias Davinder Singh, 43, who married a USA citizen, has now been reverted to the Green Card status which leaves him potentially subject to removal proceedings at the Department of Homeland Security's discretion, the Justice Department said.

Since he took charge a year ago, President Donald Trump has majorly cracked down on illegal immigration. "The Justice Department will continue to use every tool to protect the integrity of our nations immigration system, including the use of civil denaturalization".

This is the first case under a government initiative which is created to clamp down on fraudulent immigration, reported AFP. Those cases include background checks that were used in the naturalization process, officials said.

Baljinder Singh, also known as David Singh, arrived in San Francisco in 1991 without any travel documents or poof of identity, the DOJ said.

This was the first case of a person losing his or her citizenship because of an initiative of the current government that is aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration. He was then asked to appear before a court but he dodged it resulting in the authorities ordering his deportation in 1992.

In 2006, Singh married a USA citizen and discarded the asylum application.

A green card holder from India residing in the United States has become the first casualty under Donald Trump administration to be revoked of his U.S. citizenship.

He was granted citizenship in 2004 after he submitted an application for naturalization, but the application omitted information about the deportation order and his use of the name Davinder Singh.

Two similar complaints filed against two men from Pakistan living in CT and Florida are pending. No figures were available for 2016 or 2015.

New Jersey man stripped of his USA citizenship