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Fisker unveils Emotion Electric sedan with butterfly doors

10 January 2018

Zac Palmer is an editorial intern at Autoweek, an affiliate of Automotive News.

Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, the electric vehicle has been tipped for a range of 400 miles from a single charge and a top speed of 161mph, enough to bother Tesla's finest machines. The manufacturer didn't note the EMotions 0-60 time (potentially due to the machine's inevitably heavy weight due to the amount of energy storage used to power the auto for 400 miles); however, it did mention that the vehicle's top speed will be around an estimated 161-miles per hour. But while Fisker has talked quite a bit about the EMotion, it still hadn't been given an official debut.

Tesla looks to have a major electric vehicle rival on the horizon, as Fisker has revealed its luxury EMotion electric auto. "What it does is allow for us to probably have the most energy dense battery pack in the world because we have been able to put these cells very close together and still be to cool them very efficiently", designer and company namesake Henrik Fisker says.

The vehicle is also set to be pretty smart, featuring a Level 4 autonomous driving system, which should allow the auto to self-drive without a human driver needing to be alert behind the wheel.

Fisker unveils Emotion Electric sedan with butterfly doors
Fisker unveils Emotion Electric sedan with butterfly doors

There's no word on connectivity or user interface for all the infotainment setup, but we suspect it'll be high on Fisker's agenda given the amount of tech it has already stuffed into the auto. Those doors can be opened and closed via a smartphone app. Of course, the new company, Fisker Inc., needs a product, and that product is the EMotion.

The company claims the EMotion will be sold directly to consumers all across the US, and it plans to eventually have a network of about 400 service centers, all offering concierge service.

The only performance statistic is the car's top speed of 161mph, although it's expected that the 400-mile-range EV, which also has four-wheel drive and shares similar dimensions to the Tesla Model S, will closely match Elon Musk's first four-door model for other performance statistics.

Under the skin, the EMotion uses aluminum and carbon fiber to keep the weight low. United Kingdom pricing is yet to be announced, although it's unlikely to stray far from U.S. prices.

Fisker unveils Emotion Electric sedan with butterfly doors