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North Korea says won't give up nukes if United States continues 'blackmail'

02 January 2018

North Korea has raised tensions in 2017 with its numerous missile tests and the global community has repeatedly sanctioned the country to slow down its nuclear weapons program. Kim Jong Un's regime hailed all the nuclear and missile tests conducted in 2017, declaring the communist state an "invincible" and "responsible" nuclear power.

The report also mentioned about the war of words between President Donald Trump and North Korea's supreme leader in 2017. The missile, which is said to be the most powerful of the three ICBMs tested by them recently, landed in Japanese waters.

This missile flew higher and farther than any other previous tests and came came after a break of nearly two months in testing.

The missile test in November led to a meeting between the UN Security Council where they approved new sanctions. North Koreans working outside of the country will also have to return in the next two years.

"The U.S. persistent moves against the DPRK in political, economic, military, diplomatic and all other fields till the end of this year could not stop even a moment the advance of the DPRK confident in the victory of its cause", the KCNA report said.

But China only agreed to target the four North Korean ships, diplomats said, as part of global efforts to curb Pyongyang's missile and nuclear programs. China has already banned the imports of several products and has also ordered North Korean companies in the country to close.

"Only four ships have been accepted" for the ban but "the procedure remains open" to include other vessels in the future, one diplomat said.

Initially designed for the Soviet navy's nuclear submarines, some of the bombs offered for sale could be launched from a large boat, a submerged barge, and a submarine.

North Korea's continued nuclear advancements despite global condemnation led to tough United Nations sanctions. The US had initially proposed much tougher sanctions but they were later reduced so they could receive the support of China and Russian Federation.

The US has denounced trafficking of banned goods that allows North Korea to stock up, particularly the transfer of cargo between different ships on the high seas. Those two were later dropped so the sanctions could receive the support of Russian Federation and China.

Those four vessels were registered in the Comoros, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Cambodia and North Korea, and were targeted for the illegal transport of coal, iron and North Korean fish.

North Korea says won't give up nukes if United States continues 'blackmail'