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Pro-Trump Singer Says Corey Lewandowski Sexually Assaulted Her At A Party

28 December 2017

By contrast with the alleged Lewandowski incident, Villa, who earlier this year announced her interest in running to represent Florida in Congress-with strategist and longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone as an adviser-said she shared pleasant greetings, hugs and selfies at the November party with the likes of presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner and Eric and Lara Trump. "I only knew him by reputation".

"Well, Charles, as someone who's been through this, you understand that there is a due process", Lewandowski said. "It was completely demeaning and shocking".

CNN reports Lewandowski has since worked as a political commentator, started his own political consulting firm, and joined a pro-Trump super PAC in August.

"I realized if he's not going to respond or apologize to me, I think it's the right thing to do", she told the AP on Tuesday. He allegedly did it a second time after she told him to stop, and walked away while laughing.

After Villa threatened to report him for "sexual harassment", Lewandowski reportedly replied: "Go ahead, I work in the private sector".

In a phone interview from Tampa, Florida, Villa said she was initially reluctant to come forward because she was anxious about any backlash. "And there is a process which they will go through to determine a person's innocence, which I think you've been through and you understand it and you respect it".

"I was initially fearful to come forward with this", she said, adding that she did not want to bring shame or embarrassment on Lewandowski's family or hers.

"I did nothing wrong", Villa told the AP.

Newsweek has sought comment from Lewandowski as well as a spokesman for the White House, where Lewandowski recently attended a meeting. She explained her decision to wear the dress in an Instagram post, writing, "You can either stand for what you believe in or fall for what you don't".

In March 2016, the same man Villa filed the complaint against was charged with misdemeanor battery for an altercation involving a female reporter after a news conference in Florida. The charges were later dropped and he was not prosecuted.

Lewandowski also penned a book about Trump's road to the presidency and the players who surrounded him on his way to his historic 2016 upset of Hillary Clinton.

Pro-Trump Singer Says Corey Lewandowski Sexually Assaulted Her At A Party