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Miss America CEO, 3 others resign over derogatory mails

26 December 2017

The emails included one that used a vulgar term for female genitalia to refer to past Miss America winners, one that wished that a particular former Miss America had died and others that speculated about how many sex partners 2013 victor Mallory Hagan has had. Friedman was subsequently fired.

Mallory Hagan, the 2013 Miss America victor who was the subject of disparaging remarks concerning her sex life and her weight from Miss America Organization CEO Sam Haskell has responded to the story saying the experience has been "difficult to relive".

Through tears, the former Miss America added: "I'm truly an advocate for others-and sometimes it can be the most hard to advocate for yourself".

Lynn Weidner, chairman of the board, also resigned but will remain on the board up to 90 days to ensure a smooth transition, Meyers said.

The New York Times reported that three Miss America executives, including CEO Sam Haskell resigned on Saturday just days after emails containing disparaging comments about former contestants leaked to the press.

The organization's president and chief operating officer, Josh Randle, has also submitted his resignation, according to The Huffington Post.

The outgoing chairwoman of the Miss America Organization said she was "unjustly vilified" following an email scandal that targeted former Miss Americas.

Haskell had said the emails had been "selectively edited" and that he wrote them "under stress of a full year of attacks by two Miss Americas".

Fellow pageant winners Mallory Hagan and Kate Shindle also called for Haskell and the entire board to leave in order for the organization to "reclaim its rich history and catalyze what is a clearly necessary evolution".

Miss America CEO, 3 others resign over derogatory mails