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Pokemon Go Receives iPhone-Exclusive AR+ Features Today

20 December 2017

Pokémon GO's augmented reality, or AR, is cool, but it feels a little two dimensional in a three dimensional world.

Despite making the experience more immersive, there will actually be some gameplay benefits for those who opt to use this new mode.

Depth perception and scaling improvements are coming to the game thanks to this new mode, with Pokemon appearing closer to their canonical size rather than them all being more or less the same size. It uses Apple's ARKit framework to allow for a greater degree of realism. You'll need to be running iOS 11 on an iPhone 6 or a newer model. Head to the Pokemon Go blog to read up on the details.

"Soon" - and we take "soon" to mean possibly as soon as later today, Wednesday - Pokemon Go will see a major update in the App Store to add the long-awaited Apple ARKit feature. Before AR+, Pokemon Go used rough estimates in order to place pokemon in your environment. As the post says, Pokemon will now be fixed in a point in space. Sounds interesting. Next up, AR+ is going to introduce the Awareness Meter for the Pokemon, in the form of an exclamation mark in a speech bubble. Not only will be pokémon be more accurately positioned and sized according to their surroundings - and how near or far you are from them - you'll also be able to go closer to trigger a special capture bonus. However, if you do scare off a Pokemon, you can try tapping on nearby tall grass to make the skittish critter reappear.

This ties in to what's described as the Expert Handler Bonus. By sneaking up on a Pokemon, you'll be able to catch it without worrying about it knocking away PokeBalls or fleeing.

Pokemon Go Receives iPhone-Exclusive AR+ Features Today