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Forecasts say a white Christmas is possible in Miss

18 December 2017

"The general trend this week is that although there will be cooler spells, it will be less cold, with Tuesday looking especially mild with temperatures widely in double figures and highs of 14C or 15C in parts which is well above average".

Drought conditions have, thus far, extended from the summer into the late fall.

Our second round of snow early this winter season appears possible sometime between Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. The area has been through a dry month, even while snow-free.

Some very blustery conditions are expected between Christmas and New Year, with gales at times, and perhaps showery conditions in the north and west.

Will there be a white Christmas? The National Weather Service pegs a 30 percent chance of snow Thursday night into Friday morning.

Although the name has been selected, the Met Office will not yet put "Storm Dylan" into use until "medium weather impact" from rain, wind or snow is forecast.

The Weather Channel's app predicts a 40 percent chance of "rain/snow showers" on Monday - Christmas Day - in the Jackson area, with a high of 43 and a low of 26. Driving will still be slow and slick as road temperatures will for sure be cold enough to keep snow on the roads without melting.

Ladbrokes said: "The chances of a white Christmas are thawing". The hope for a white Christmas largely holds on that forecast firming up and ultimately coming through. There are not reliable data to discern the history of white Christmases in Centerville. We'll likely start Friday with snow covered ground (depending on how much we see Thursday), single digit morning temperatures, and wind chills below zero.

Ladbrokes cut odds to 3/1 on Christmas Day being the warmest ever, beating the record 15.6C set in Edinburgh in 1896 and Devon in 1920.

Forecasts say a white Christmas is possible in Miss