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Synaptic Clear ID is the answer for fingerprint scanner under the display

14 December 2017

Hot off of the news that Synaptics is rolling out its embedded fingerprint sensors that work through an OLED display, the mountain to scale becomes even steeper.

That may all change in 2018, after Synaptics has announced it has begun production of its Clear ID in-display fingerprint scanner that is designed for all smartphones with an infinity display.

Based on our supply chain conversations, we believe the in- display fingerprint sensor will be incorporated into Vivo's Xplay 7, which is expected to launch in early 2018. Synaptics' prior history of working with Samsung and the specific callout of "OLED infinity displays" in Synaptics' press release (Samsung calls its bezel-less Galaxy S8 and Note 8 screens "infinity displays") would suggest the two companies might once again be working on solving the seeming intractable issues of 2017. There will be total five companies involved in this future plans of Biometrics Scanners phones and displays.

The main difference between the FS9500 Clear ID and existing fingerprint sensors is that user will be able to interface and authenticate ID anywhere on a device's display. According to Synaptics, the sensor will even function properly with wet, dry, or even with cold fingers. The new Clear ID Scanner would be more powerful than the original Face ID feature and would offer the best of functionality and performance on your phone with added security.

This sensor is scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Stated by Synaptics, "Clear ID performance is twice as fast as 3D facial recognition and requires only one touch to access your smartphone". It's a first official commercial inbuilt in-display scanner having highly secure authentication tech.

To distinguish between spoofs and actual fingers, there is a PurePrint anti-spoof technology in place, the company says.

Of course, this could be the Galaxy S9 or it could be a completely different high-end device from Samsung. The Galaxy S9 may also come with a FaceID-like feature.

Ideally, the "perfect" smartphone would have advanced facial recognition like Face ID and an in-display fingerprint sensor like Synaptics' Clear ID.

Synaptic Clear ID is the answer for fingerprint scanner under the display