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Republican Congressman Calls for GOP to Dump 'Disheveled Drunk' Steve Bannon

14 December 2017

"The DNC came in here - slipped in here - underneath the radar and did an fantastic job of organizing - what's my favorite word - ground game", Bannon said. Jones is the first Democrat elected to the Senate from the state in 25 years. "This guy does not belong on the national stage-he looks like some disheveled drunk that wandered onto the political stage".

In a blistering op-ed reacting to Democrat Doug Jones' stunning victory in the Alabama Senate race, the WSJ blamed Bannon for championing Roy Moore, whose campaign was dogged by multiple allegations that he molested teenage girls when he was in his 30s. Likewise, many prominent Republicans want to distance the GOP from Bannon and his alt-right news outlet Brietbart, such as Rep. Peter King (R-NY) who did not mince words while appearing on CNN's New Day on Wednesday morning. "If you get outworked you are going to lose, and I got to tell you, their ability to get out votes, that is what it comes down to".

Bannon was one of Moore's earliest supporters, backing him over Trump's preferred candidate in the Republican primary, Sen.

WASHINGTON ― Steve Bannon was credited as being the political mastermind behind Donald Trump's seemingly impossible path to the White House.

"I consider myself a conservative Republican", King added. His act is exhausted, inane and morally vacuous. Luther Strange in the runoff.

He concluded: "Last night's election was a revulsion by the American people".

Bannon, who runs Breitbart and served as a top adviser to President Trump until August, threw his support behind former judge Roy Moore.

Graham also tried to put distance between Bannon and Trump, who first backed odd and then endorsed Moore for the general election despite the misconduct allegations against Moore.

Republican Congressman Calls for GOP to Dump 'Disheveled Drunk' Steve Bannon