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How mutton soup did in killer wife and paramour in Hyderabad

13 December 2017

In a freaky end to a well-planned murder, mutton soup served at a Hyderabad hospital exposed the crime committed by a 27-year-old woman and her lover.

The police immediately took Swathi into custody and during the questioning she broke down and admitted to the murder of her husband.

The woman, M Swathi, 27, along with her paramour Rajesh, a physiotherapist, had murdered her husband M Sudhakar Reddy, 32, of Nagarkurnool almost two weeks ago and dumped the body in a forest.

Just when Swathi and her lover thought that they had succeeded in their plan, things took a dramatic turn.

If you're wondering the "what" and "how", it all went downhill when he (who know who) refused to have mutton soup served to patients with burn injuries.

A spine-chilling murder took place in Nagarkurnool district of Hyderabad where a woman along with lover killed her husband. Believe it or not, they nearly succeeded in their plan, but then the story took a dramatic turn. When the police interrogated Swati, she allegedly confessed to killing her husband with Rajesh's help.

Swathi was arrested Sunday on charges of murder and causing disappearance of evidence of offence. Swati told her husband's family that some unknown people had attacked Sudhakar. When he fell unconscious, they both hit on his head resulting in his death. "Later, they moved the body into the boot of a auto and dumped the body in the forest area in Nawabpet in Mahbubnagar district", the DSP said. They were shocked when he told the hospital staff that he is vegetarian.

A wife killed her husband then disfigured her boyfriend with acid after he agreed to have plastic surgery and steal her dead partner's identity, Indian police say. Rajesh, who was pretending to be Reddy, was shifted to Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad.

According to the Nagarkurnool police officer involved in the investigations, Mr. Reddy's relatives grew suspicious of noticing a change in his behavior. "It was then, the family began suspecting him".

The relatives then questioned the man undergoing treatment about the identities of other relatives, but he refused to speak and started communicating in signs, an IANS report said. She also confessed that she was inspired by the Telugu movie "Yevadu" starring Ram Charan Teja and Allu Arjun. Reportedly, the police has arrested Swathi and are ready to arrest Rajesh once he is discharged from the hospital after treatment.

How mutton soup did in killer wife and paramour in Hyderabad