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Egyptian Singer Sentenced To Prison For "Inciting Debauchery, Harming Public Morality"

13 December 2017

Little-known Egyptian singer Shyma has been sentenced to two years behind bars because of a music video.

In addition to their jail sentences, Shyma and director Mohamed Gamal were also fined 10,000 pounds (£420) each.

Shyma, a competitor on hit TV show Arab Idol, appeared in court yesterday wearing a niqab covering her face and was seen reading the Quran waiting for the sentence to be issued.

Shaimaa Ahmed, a 25-year-old known professionally as Shyma, was arrested last month after the video sparked outrage in the conservative country.

Other parts of the video featured Shyma licking an apple, coloring her lips and playing the role of a "naughty" teacher in front of a blackboard, on which "class #69" was written.

Youm 7 newspaper covered the controversial video's release, writing: "Singer Shyma presents a lesson in depravity to youths".

"I didn't imagine all this would happen, and I would be subjected to such a strong attack from everyone", she wrote on Facebook.

"Drinking from the Nile will get me schistosomiasis", the singer, Sherine Abdel Wahab, said on video after a concertgoer asked her to sing "Mashrebtesh Men Nilha" (Have You Drunk from the Nile?). Her trial in The Misdemeanour Court in Cairo began on November 28 where she pleaded not guilty to charges of "inciting debauchery and producing a video that harms public morality". She was accused of "spreading provocative publicity".

A lawsuit was filed last month after video emerged showing Sherine Abdel Wahab being asked at a concert past year to sing Mashrebtesh Men Nilha (Have You Drunk From The Nile?).

Egyptian Singer Sentenced To Prison For