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Was Divya right about Priyank 'cheating on women' in reality TV shows?

08 December 2017

It was an exciting as well as emotional episode (Thursday, December 7) when Shilpa Shinde's mother, Puneesh Sharma and Arshi Khan's respective fathers, Priyank Sharma's ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal visited the house and shared some valuable advice with the housemates. In the show promo, he was seen to be crying. Divya told Priyank that Vikas was the only true friend he had in the show. She also broke up with him publicly as the closeness and intimacy between Priyank and ex-Bigg Boss 11 contestant Benafsha Soonawalla had irked her.

Popular reality show Bigg Boss 11 will witness a bundle of emotions when the family members of the housemates will enter the show and meet them. That is when Divya entered the house, and Priyank couldn't even greet her. He tells Vikas that he is the real boss of the house, calls Akash Puneesh's real friend. She hugs Shilpa and Priyank and shares some pearls of wisdom with Vikas on how to play the game.

Arshi Khan's father entered the house which made the former emotional.

When Bigg Boss asks Rocky to leave the house, Hina is not willing to let him go and asks him to take her along.

In the next clipping, they are seen kissing each other and while they are seated on the bed, Rocky tells her how he wishes to spend all his time with Hina after she is done with Bigg Boss. "Captain" Arshi has assigned kitchen duties to the men of the house. Before leaving, he took Arshi to a corner and told her to add some variations in her appearance and make-up.

After he left, Arshi blamed Shilpa for giving her father weird looks. Shilpa's mother's entry made nearly every contestant teary eyed. She advised them to be kind to each other. "Fake toh nahi tha, at least mere side se nahi", says Divya as she struggles to maintain her composure. Soon after, Arshi tells Hina that Vikas doesn't speak to her with respect the way he does with Shilpa or Hiten.

While most are happy with their surprise, Priyank is in for a shock as his close friend Divya Agarwal pays him a visit.

She cries and tells him, "Mere se nahi ho raha hai". She runs towards the main door and walks out as Priyank starts yelling her name while running after her and breaks down in the garden area. Puneesh and Shilpa are talking to each other and they say that Priyank shouldn't have cared about the task and released himself from the statue position if he cared so much, but he didn't as he is guilty.

Was Divya right about Priyank 'cheating on women' in reality TV shows?