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Nvidia's Titan V giant: $3000 buys you 'most powerful PC GPU ever'

08 December 2017

Just when we thought the company was done with new GPU launches for the year, Nvidia turned around and launched the TITAN V, the first Volta-based Titan graphics card. The GV100 has 21.1 billion transistors and can achieve throughput of 110 teraflops in optimised workloads, which Nvidia says is a massive 9X leap over its previous architecture.

NVIDIA has surprised the world with the announcement of their next-gen TITAN V graphics card, a new card that rocks the latest Volta GPU architecture and 12GB of HBM2, culminating in a card that costs a whopping $2999. The most telling part is the fact that it was announced at the annual NIPS conference, with the promise of turning your PC into an AI Supercomputer.

Nvidia calls its new compute units Tensor Cores, and they are designed specifically for deep learning, with independent integer and floating-point data paths that can operate in parallel.

Speaking about Nvidia's goals with the Volta architecture, CEO Jensen Huang said: "Our vision for Volta was to push the outer limits of high performance computing and AI". The new Volta architecture doubles the energy efficiency when compared to last generation Pascal design. The HBM2 memory module has a clock speed of 1.7Gbps and 3072-bit memory which performs at 653GB/s of bandwidth.

The Titan V is available today and is limited to two per customer. The new TITAN V is based on the NVIDIA Volta architecture, and with that shift comes a very big leap in compute performance with certain workloads.

As you might expect, the TITAN V will be added to the NVIDIA GPU Cloud, which provides quick access to a fully optimized deep learning software stack to advance artificial intelligence (AI) development. "I can't wait to see their breakthrough discoveries". The latest release from this lineup is Titan V GPU, which is created to bring tons of power to the people who are interested in dealing with machine learning applications.

The Nvidia store shows the new bridge at 599 USD a piece, in the store, it's the one right next to the 30 USD HB-SLI bridge.

Nvidia's Titan V giant: $3000 buys you 'most powerful PC GPU ever'