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Nissan planning self driving trial in March

08 December 2017

Nissan is most likely to have all of these problems worked out by 2020, as the Tokyo Olympics is set to be there I can see no reason why Nissan would pass up on the opportunity to promote their self-driving cars throughout this time.

Tech Crunch reports that the carmaker is working with Japanese software maker DeNA to create the autonomous ride-hailing service which will be trialled on Japanese Roads.

Nissan, together with DeNA, unveiled the Easy Ride mobility service in Japan that will be launched in Yokohama in March 2018 to test robotaxis.

Nissan and DeNA said they would hold public tests over a two-week period in Yokohama in March, under which riders can use an app developed by DeNA to summon self-driving versions of Nissan's Leaf electric cars to travel to pre-mapped destinations and pay fares. And the APP cannot only enable users to set a destination, but also provide passengers information about nearby restaurants, hotels and other service information, allowing users to set driving directions.

Customers will also be able to select recommended local destinations and sightseeing routes should they be tourists, Nissan said.

The firm is racing with relatively newer companies in the auto industry such as Google's Waymo and Tesla Inc as well as bigger competitors including General Motors Co.to develop fully-autonomous driving cars.

For customer safety, the partners intend to deploy remote monitoring system and provide multiple language options in the new brand.

As per the report, Yutaka Sanada, a Nissan senior vice president, said the firm is aiming to add autonomous-driving functions step-by-step, first allowing more cars to handle single-lane driving by themselves, and subsequently navigate urban roads, including intersections, by 2020. Nissan said through such a new rental taxi mode, the city's public transport infrastructure will be greatly expanded, Easy Ride will effectively enhance the interaction between cities. The companies will recruit participants for the March field test until 15 January through the Easy Ride website.

Nissan planning self driving trial in March