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Everything We Know About The Champions' Ballad

08 December 2017

For the last few weeks, Nintendo fans have been on the edge of their seat. Most interesting of all is the reward Link gets for completing the challenges of The Champions' Ballad: a motorcyle.

The Champions' Ballad, the second piece of DLC for Breath of the Wild, aims to flesh that out.

The DLC is only available as part of Breath of the Wild's Expansion Pass, which if you don't have already you probably should do.

The Champions' Ballad will include new story content, set before the events of Breath of the Wild.

I'm not joking. Link straight-up gets a "Master Cycle" as a reward to ride around Hyrule like a total boss. Eiji Aonuma likened the cycle to the Divine Beasts wielded by the other champions.

Hey, remember that little indie game that released on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year? And that machine is the motorcycle-like vehicle that you see at the end of the trailer. The trailer also showed off some cinematics, which focused on the DLC's new original story, which will center on the four Champions before Link awoke from his one hundred year sleep.

Everything We Know About The Champions' Ballad