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Corey Feldman's 1993 audio file naming alleged sexual predators found by police

08 December 2017

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has reportedly obtained audiotapes from 1993 on which Corey Feldman names the individuals whom he alleges abused him when he was a minor.

LAPD previously told The Hollywood Reporter its investigation had been dropped into claims from Corey Feldman that a pedophile ring had been victimizing young actors for years in Hollywood because too much time had passed since the alleged incidents.

In a statement to Fox News, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office said it made a decision to go back and look at additional stored items remaining from the Michael Jackson investigation.

The Sheriff's Office initially denied Feldman's claims but have now confirmed they have located the audio of what Feldman was referring to.

Fox News had originally reached out to the Sheriff's Office in October at which time they responded, "We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. A copy of Mr. Feldman's interview was located", a sheriff's spokesperson told Fox News via email Wednesday.

Feldman earlier this year revealed that he had provided the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office with the names of multiple sexual predators in Hollywood during their investigation into molestation allegations lodged against the late pop star almost 15 years ago, but nothing was ever done about it.

But now, according to a FOX News report, that evidence appears to have been found.

As the #MeToo movement has gathered steam and forced a cultural shift around revelations of rape, sexual assault, harassment and abuse, Feldman has been an outspoken advocate for children in Hollywood.

Also, there was initial confusion about whether Feldman told the Santa Barbara Police, which serves only the city, or the sheriff's office, which serves the rest of the county.

It seems that Corey Feldman was telling the truth about those 1993 tapes on which he named names of alleged sexual predators in Hollywood. They're on record. They have all of this information.

Feldman, 46, had insisted in a Today show interview that he 'sat down and I gave them names.

The sheriff's office said that the recording is being turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police in California say they have uncovered a tape upon which Corey Feldman lists the names of men who abused him in the past.

Feldman has spoken publicly about these allegations, and has even named some of his alleged abusers.

Corey Feldman's 1993 audio file naming alleged sexual predators found by police