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Atlanta News Anchor Classily Claps Back At Racist Comments On-Air

08 December 2017

"So I won't mischaracterize your viewpoint either, Kathy Rae", Reed continued.

Sharon Reed of CBS46 News received a nasty email from a viewer regarding her comments about the role race played in the contested Atlanta mayoral race on Tuesday (Dec. 5).

"You [are] what's wrong with the world", she goes on to say and tells Reed she should be fired for "race-baiting". You are what's wrong with the world. Quite the contrary; we think race is an authentic discussion to have ... it's one that's clearly entered Atlanta's mayor's race.

With the utmost professionalism, Reed debunked the original claim that she and her team, whose races range from white and Black, were somehow race-baiting. "So I won't mischaracterize your view either, Kathy Rae", Reed said. "I get it. On December 5th, 2017, you think it's OK to call this journalist a n****r".

A TV news anchor has shut down a racist viewer live on air, and the footage is one of the most satisfying things I've seen in a while. "Instead, I'll let your words, Kathie Rae, speak for themselves". As reported on sites including the Root, she was discussing the racial dynamics in the Atlanta mayor race when Kathy Rae chose to reach out.

Reed was a part of a recent on-air discussion that, apparently, irritated one of the viewers so much that she wrote a scathing email.

As for the advice she'd give aspiring Black journalists who may face similar criticism as she did with Kathy Rae, Reed said young reporters shouldn't feel like they have to own it.

"Number one, you mischaracterized what I said", Reed said. "And that's the last word". On the other hand, a Bottoms win "would continue a run of African-American mayors that began with Maynard Jackson in the mid-1970s". But Bottoms is black and Norwood is white. "It's not the first, second, third, or hundredth - voicemails, emails - not necessarily to my face [but] over the phone", she says.

She also pointed out that the author of the message misspelled the insult, writing it as Niger - which is a country in West Africa.

"We do try to keep it real here", she added.

Kathie Rae didn't want Reed talking about race, but Reed wasn't backing down.

Atlanta News Anchor Classily Claps Back At Racist Comments On-Air