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Why Amazon and Google just can't get along

07 December 2017

In a statement, Google said, "Amazon doesn't carry Google products like Chromecast and Google Home, doesn't make (its) Prime Video available for Google Cast users, and last month stopped selling some of (our sister company) Nest's latest products". Google has already made its intentions clear by blocking YouTube access from the Amazon Echo Show which is now being sold in the USA and can be described as an Alexa equipped Echo speaker with a 7inch display.

When the media reached out to Google about its decision to forbid YouTube on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, the latter's representatives stated the following reasons.

All of which means that Amazon and Google can safely invest in the Apple ecosystem, without fear that they're creating an existential threat. Apple isn't trying to be a retail giant either, so you could imagine Siri one day allowing you to shop on Amazon or Google Express.

The result is a paradox: Although it's sometimes assumed that Amazon and Google want to spread their services far and wide across platforms, in this case they're locking each other out.

It said it hoped to resolve the issue with Google as soon as possible but customers could access YouTube through the internet - not an app - on the devices in the meantime.

Amazon's own streaming device, Fire TV ($70), competes directly with the pricier Apple TV ($149). Amazon says it is disappointing to see Google selectively blocking access to an open website. But that could change if Amazon's video streaming service starts working on Apple TV, something Apple has said would happen by the end of this year.

Amazon issued a statement on Monday which read: "Echo Show and Fire TV now display a standard web view of YouTube.com and point customers directly to YouTube's existing website".

With Amazon finally relenting on its years-long holdout, it seems the company may be finally realising it needs support from partners such as Apple if its streaming video service is going to thrive. Sadly if they do not reach an agreement you will have to mirror your smartphone on to the Amazon streaming device to watch YouTube on the big screen.

Why Amazon and Google just can't get along