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Violence against women concerns us all

07 December 2017

December 6 is a day to remember them and all women who have lost their lives to violence.

"We need to start the conversation towards putting an end to women dying because of gender-based violence", Kennedy, the executive director of the Bay St. George Status of Women Council, said.

"Today marks the 28th anniversary of the day that 14 women were murdered at École Polytechnique de Montréal, exclusively due to their gender".

"Equipping students with values and an understanding of societal impacts and the ethics of what they do I think will make them stronger graduates who will have a greater impact, not just technically but in the larger landscape of things", she says.

The University of Calgary's service for the lives lost on that day, attended by about 200 students, staff and faculty, provides a sombre reflection on that dark day in 1989.

Mercifully, there were no new local names to add to the list of victims this year, said Andy Lou Somers, with East Prince Women's Information Centre and one of the memorial's organizers.

"I always have to point out that women in this country still face sexism and violence every day".

Brown said December 6 is about recognizing the 14 women who were killed because they were women and had the audacity to be in a traditionally men's academic program. We recognize the disproportionately high levels of violence faced by Indigenous women and girls, and trans individuals.

A co-founder of the Victim Justice Network, de Villiers said that while strides had been made in the effort to combat violence, more work is needed.

"This event is named a ritual and a ritual by its very design honours grief, sadness, and anger and then moves through that to transform it into hope for action", said Young-Milani.

"Our humanity and liberation is tied together".

Canadians have the support of this Government, whether it be through the first federal strategy to prevent and address gender-based violence, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, the National Housing Strategy, and investments in shelters.

"Most women are able to survive the violence against them but every six days one woman in Canada is murdered by a man who said he loved her", Brown said.

Violence against women concerns us all