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Pokemon Go Claims That PvP and Trading Are Still Planned

07 December 2017

Niantic has been listening to Pokemon Go gamers' requests, adding new content to the augmented reality gaming app like Legendary Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon.

However, the most important addition is not about adding new characters, but the incorporation of real-world weather.

However, as well as bolstering the games Pokedex with upwards of 50 new mons from the Ruby and Sapphire games - a snip of the overall 135 new Pokemon from the Hoenn region - the game will also be adding a rather significant new in-game feature.

Niantic plans to release these updates in two individual parts. This weather change will also influence the characteristics of Pokemon whose behavior changes with the weather. Pokemon GO will now factor in the real-world environment and change Pokemon spawns and other goodies like stardust accordingly, adding some much-needed immersion to the title. The six possibilities are Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, Foggy, Partly Cloudy, and Windy. Certain Pokemon will be more likely to appear in the weather that suits them the most, so Pokemon GO Trainers will be excited to learn more about their local weather patterns and ecology to find these rare Pokemon and make progress on their Pokedexes.

Take a look at some of the Gen 3 Pokemon coming to the game very soon, as mentioned specifically by Niantic.

Weather near players will impact Pokemon in a variety of ways and some attacks will be more effective during certain conditions.

Gen 3 Pokemon are coming! Regardless, Pokemon trading was promised since before the game launched, so hopefully Niantic prioritizes it and PvP battles for release in 2018. But from now on, Pokemon GO players will need to get a little more hardcore if they want to catch 'em all.

Pokemon Go Claims That PvP and Trading Are Still Planned