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Instagram's Distinct Messaging App Could be A victor

07 December 2017

When users install Direct, the inbox from the main Instagram app will disappear.

The trial launched today (7 December) in Italy, Portugal, Chile, Israel, Turkey and Uruguay. You will be happy to know that for the new app, Instagram includes four new filters including one that censors your speech when you least expect it, and another that superimposes your mouth over your mouth (yes, it is as odd as it sounds). "We can push the boundaries to create the fastest and most creative space for private sharing when Direct is a camera-first, standalone app", an Instagram Program Manager told The Verge. You can even go further and swipe to the right once more to open Instagram. The move follows a similar move parent company Facebook made back in 2014 where they separated its built-in messaging service into what's now Messenger. This is similar to how Snapchat opens, which is a way to encourage users to start taking and sharing photos. And you don't have to send photos; you can also just send your a message through the app. The page to the left is where you'll find all of your account/app settings, and the one on right is home to your inbox of ongoing conversations. As of April 2017, Instagram Direct, still married to the Instagram app, had around 375 million active monthly users.

Well, get ready for the sequel, as the same thing is about to happen with Instagram. Swiping down from this screen shows your messages, very much like the opposite of Facebook Messenger when the camera was accessed with a swipe from the top. The Direct messaging system that was upgraded to replicate Snapchat functionality just earlier this year may become a standalone app supposed to offer you a Snapchat like chatting system that won't interfere with the main goal of Instagram. Now, it has grown to 1.3 billion users, as pointed out by Business Insider. Thus, Facebook now has three individual messaging apps - WhatsApp, Messenger and Direct.

Instagram's Distinct Messaging App Could be A victor