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Big Boss 11: Contestants Parents makes them Happy and Emotional

07 December 2017

And Hina tells him to perform for her in front of the cameras and request Bigg Boss to air it.

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Arshi Khan's father's emotional or rather amusing encounter will surely put smile on Bigg Boss viewers who would be holding tissues in their hands while watching emotional encounters of family members of their favourite contestant.

Well, this might surprise Hina and Priyank both. In the recent episode of the show, participant Akash Dadlani, who is known for his sharp tongue and unpleasant behaviour, dropped a peck on housemate Shilpa Shinde's cheek - without her consent and much to her irritation. Priyank breaks into tears after listening to her. Divya wipes his tears and tells him that she had come to scold him but her heart melted after seeing him. Hiten further readout that during the task, Bigg Boss would freeze the contestants from time to time by following that they won't be allowed to move or talk with anyone.

There have been reports that Divya has been really upset with Priyank's in-house behavior and even called off their relationship. Vikas and Arshi once again got into a fight.

Divya further tells him how Vikas Gupta is his only friend in the house. "I was actually fighting for him outside until I realized that he doesn't need me anymore". She told Vikas what a proud mother she is and that he's a "hero".

Vikas also shares his worst phase of life that he had some three years ago. However, he played well and corrected things to make it better. Secondly, social media is important, but I don't think that it is so massive that one needs to pay an insignificant amount of money to do build an image. He acts as the unofficial "big boss" of the house, and others turn to him, from time to time, for suggestions of strategy. One such moment will be shared between Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal.

While Divya was leaving the house, Priyank was seen running towards the door and was screaming her name.

However, the high point of the episode is when Vikas' mom enters the house.

Big Boss 11: Contestants Parents makes them Happy and Emotional