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Akash kisses Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan calls Hiten 'spineless'

07 December 2017

Arshi became the captain and she hugged Vikas and Hiten after the announcement. Therefore, Arshi becomes the new captain of the house and she gets really happy. Each contestant was given a task to baby sit the other contestant baby. However, Hina Khan got discarded from the captaincy task, courtesy Vikas Gupta. Akash quickly takes a ride on Vikas's shoulders and the contestants get the hint that today's task would be around kids.

While others in the house would have become friends, just to show the world that they are the forgiving kind, Shilpa won't fake friendship. Hina tells Luv that Hiten doesn't have a spine and follows Vikas' orders. In a rather shocking turn of events, Akash, in order to make peace with Shilpa, kissed her on the cheek without taking her consent. The doll represented Shilpa and Arshi was seen taking her frustration out of the doll.

But if you thought the makers were satified with the electic mix of contestants already locked in the house, then think again.

Till now, Shilpa, Akash, Hiten and Puneesh had lost the captaincy race as their baby sitters failed to secure the spot. Shilpa told him that her self-respect is bigger and she can never forgive Arshi. Puneesh asks Vikas to promise that he will not make Arshi the captain as well. She rebuffs at him saying, "You will get a slap from me, I don't want to talk to you". He pulled Shilpa and requested her to apologise to Arshi.

All said and done, they are pathetic baby-sitters! She even hung the doll and hit it with slippers, while Hina and Priyank watched and laughed. When Vikas explained his strategy, Arshi was not convinced and the duo ended up having yet another fight. Vikas tells Puneesh to make Arshi understand as Akash was spreading lies. Priyank then tells Arshi that he wants to see Vikas' game-plan. This is when Shilpa tells him that they shouldn't fight and he forcibly kisses Shilpa on the cheek.

Akash kisses Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan calls Hiten 'spineless'