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US B-1B Bombers to Join Exercise in South Korea, Yonhap Says

06 December 2017

The annual joint exercise, called "Vigilant Ace", has been created to enhance readiness and operational capability and to ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, officials have said.

An unspecified number of the long-range bombers will join more than 230 aircraft taking part in the two countries' largest-ever joint exercise, called "Vigilant Ace", a defense source told the South Korean news agency.

North Korea routinely uses strong language to denounce U.S. The fighter aircraft are participating in the pinensula-wide routine exercise, Vigilant Ace-18.

North Korea warned that a mass air force drill this week would push the world to "the brink of nuclear war".

Though Chinese military officials will likely claim that the new drills are not in direct response to US and South Korean actions, military experts agree that this show of force warns against the continued provocation of North Korea.

The Marine Corps earlier this year stationed a squadron of F-35Bs at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in Japan.

That includes two dozen stealth fighters, including six F-22 Raptors twin-engine jets, sixF-35As Lighting II single-engine jets and a dozen F-35B vertical takeoff versions in the Pacific. "In a way, that's sending a message, but showing North Korea that we are serious and could initiate operations at a time of our choosing creates a new element their leadership has to consider when deciding on further tests or other possibly provocative actions".

Just as this is not the first time North Korea has threatened retaliation for military exercises, it's not unique for America to deploy sophisticated aircraft amid North Korean belligerence.

China and Russian Federation have staged massive military drills in airspace and waters near the Korean Peninsula to counter a big U.S.

The Chinese spokesman did not provide details on dates, but the announcement came the same day Washington and Seoul launched their biggest joint air force exercise.

According to Shen, the drills involved fighter jets, reconnaissance aircrafts, and surface-to-air missile units.

The drills follow on the heels of North Korea's most successful ballistic missile test to date, which was resoundingly condemned by the global community.

US B-1B Bombers to Join Exercise in South Korea, Yonhap Says