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Is Arshi Khan The New Captain Of The House?

06 December 2017

Arshi then said, "Kisiko dekha hi nahi maine", and started laughing at herself.

Later, Puneesh gets normal and sings a song for Vikas Gupta. Akash tries to console her. Vikas tells Puneesh that he will survive only if Luv gets nominated with him. Hiten Tejwani shared the rules and details of the captaincy task: Contestants turned baby sitters and had to take care of the little ones as part of 'BB Day Care. At the end of the task, the baby whose pram is left out would be out of the race of captaincy.

After the task ended, Priyank was upset with Vikas that he chose Arshi over him and they had another fight over who could have changed the stakes. It all started with Vikas Gupta turning into an impromptu quizmaster and Arshi Khan in the hot seat. The baby sitting task in fun until, Arshi, who has a doll with Shipa Shinde's face, dips the doll inside the water. Whenever the crying alarm sounds, the babysitters have to run to the parking lot.

Priyank and Hina discuss how they should go about the task. He says he is trying hard but he cannot guarantee it. Arshi loses it and yells at Vikas saying that he could make Bandgai captain but he cannot make her one. Vikas then told the camera: "Hi Alia (Bhatt), please meet your fan who wants to be like you, Arshi Khan".

Thus, Hiten gets out of the task. "You should have played the game instead of behaving like a loser", he told Akash. Vikas strategizes once again and plays with the housemates like puppets. Puneesh is known to have a fractured equation with his father and Divya is definitely going to confront Priyank about his unfaithfulness. On this, Vikas says that he will see and ask him not to let Luv be the captain. While she defended her boyfriend in the beginning, by the time Priyank's 'jaan' was mentioned, Divya decided that she has had enough and broke up with him.

Hina goes and tells Hiten that she wants to become the captain.

Vikas tells Puneesh to think smartly if he wants to survive.

Is Arshi Khan The New Captain Of The House?