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Investigation continues as missing girls found

06 December 2017

Coltharp's sons were removed from the compound while police arrested Shaffer, 34, who told authorities where they could find Coltharp's daughters, along with his own two.

Samuel Warren Shaffer (below), who purports himself to be a prophet and the head of the "Knights of the Crystal Blade" cult, was arrested as the result of an Amber Alert issued for Hattie Coltharp, 4, and Dina Coltharp, 8.

The grandparents said Shaffer had spent the night with the four young girls in a tent about 150 yards from the storage containers they were using as their primary residence.

Authorities later found Shaffer walking along a dirt road several miles west of the property. Schlosser of the department.

The four Coltharp children had been missing since September.Mother Micha Soble, who filed for divorce and obtained sole custody of her children, said her husband had been excommunicated by the Mormon church before he went on to form the religious-survivalist cult previous year. According to local reports on social media, the pair were "safe but very cold". He said SUU aviation was contacted and deployed a helicopter to search the area, and additional helicopters and fixed wing aircraft were later deployed to aid in the search effort.

Coltharp had always been interested in arcane Mormon teachings, but his interest in polygamy and "prepping" for doomsday had intensified in recent years, his brother-in-law Michael Lee said. Shaffer said they had been put in the barrels to hide them from law enforcement. When they were found Monday, they'd been there for 24 hours in below-freezing temperatures they were not dressed for, police said. "Shaffer also made statements he had left a firearm behind on the ground next to the barrels".

Micha Coltharp talked to CBS Denver after her two boys have been recovered, but while her two daughters were still missing.

Court documents state those two girls were found "in poor health with signs of dehydration and acting lethargic". "His name is Samuel Warren Shaffer and he believes he holds the keys of this dispensation and he has been many people throughout the history of time and that he has been reincarnated". They called themselves the Knights of The Crystal Blade.

According to the latest news release, on Friday, Dec. 1, the Iron County Sheriff's Office received court documents from Micha Coltharp regarding her four biological children.

An FBI forensic team is helping with the ongoing investigation at three different locations.

The disappearance touched off a desperate search by Coltharp's ex-wife that culminated in an Amber Alert for the two girls and the arrests of both men on suspicion of kidnapping and other charges.

Investigation continues as missing girls found