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Fugitive US lawyer wanted for fraud captured in Honduras

06 December 2017

Eric Conn, who, until December 2, was one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives is back home in Kentucky.

A fugitive Kentucky lawyer who called himself "Mr".

In July, a US judge handed Conn a sentence in absentia of 12 years prison under a plea deal he had agreed to before he fled in June.

A Honduran SWAT team arrested Conn as he left a restaurant in a coastal city of the country.

According to the newspaper El Heraldo, Conn will be flown back to the United States on Tuesday. Conn, a fugitive Kentucky lawyer who escaped before facing sentencing for his central role in a massive Social Security fraud case, is expected to be transferred to the US on Tuesday.

News reports in Honduras said he was traced to the location after logging onto the restaurant's Wi-Fi. "He let people like my husband have trust in him, and he let that down".

Conn's former lawyer, Scott White, told the Herald-Leader and the Courier-Journal he didn't have any official word on the capture, but it appears Conn was taken into custody by some uniformed group.

"We implored him to cooperate", she said.

The FBI offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and seized bank accounts that could be used to support his flight. A conspiracy unraveled that resulted in another indictment against a co-worker that allegedly helped plot his escape and tested border crossings.

Hess told reporters Tuesday the Federal Bureau of Investigation had worked with about a dozen agencies to bring Conn to justice.

The disgraced Lexington lawyer had been on the run since June 2, when he cut off and ditched his Global Positioning System ankle monitor along Interstate 75, days before he was scheduled to testify against a co-defendant and be sentenced for his role in a $550 million fraud investigation.

Conn had been under investigation for years.

"I anticipate the government will also charge him with some of the crimes that were part of the plea agreement".

Fugitive US lawyer wanted for fraud captured in Honduras