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White House Might Ban Staff Members From Using Personal Phones at Work

28 November 2017

VICE journalist Eve Peyser wrote the staffers were concerned the ban "will cut them off from the remaining friends and family members who they are still on speaking terms with".

Instead, Bloomberg has reported, cybersecurity fears are what have driven the White House to consider the ban.

The White House could ban staff members from being allowed to use their personal phones at work, five members of President Donald Trump's administration told Bloomberg News. One official said that there are too many devices connected to the campus wireless network and that personal phones aren't as secure as those issued by the federal government.

Back then, White House's tech support department concluded that the Kelly's phone had been hacked.

Trump raised security concerns in May when he handed out his personal number to world leaders in Mexico, Canada and France, breaking diplomatic protocol, the Associated Press reported.

But as Newsweek noted, the individual who might have the most trouble adhering to a personal device ban is the president himself.

Trump's frequent and often fiery messages from his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, reportedly come from his personal Android phone.

The White House already takes certain precautions with personal devices, requiring that they be left outside of the room when classified material is being discussed. However, the news service said White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose personal phone was found to be compromised by hackers earlier this year, was at the front of the effort to impose a ban. This means that if personal handsets are banned from use by White Hoise staff members, the latter will be unable to check their personal email using their phones during the day.

Another outcome of this ban would be that the use of government-issued phones would make any call made on such devices archived as public records.

White House Might Ban Staff Members From Using Personal Phones at Work