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Triple J moves Hottest 100 to January 27

27 November 2017

The station also cited an independent survey it conducted that showed almost 60 per cent of 65,000 respondents were in favour of moving the countdown away from Australia Day.

They also did a second survey for posterity, polling around 800 18-30 year olds who had all listened to triple j at some point, which returned a similar 55% majority "Yes" result.

For many Aussies, no Australia Day is complete without a barbie, mates, beer and the Triple J Hottest 100 soundtrack in the background. "The only debate should be about the songs".

On January 26, Triple J will broadcast "a bunch of special programming that covers some of the day's biggest events, like the Young Australian of the Year, citizenship ceremonies, the Australia versus England One Day Series and Yabun Festival" along with homegrown music.

On Monday, Triple J announced how the Hottest 100 would be run in 2018, saying that the countdown would happen on the fourth weekend of January each year instead of the strict January 26 date.

The ABC should honour it and not mess with the Hottest 100'. "It also means we can follow up that weekend with the 200-101 countdown", JJJ explains.

"Australia Day is a very apprehensive day - and that's putting it mildly - for the Indigenous people of our country", Briggs, one half of the duo, told triple j.

"Whatever you think about Australia Day is cool, we don't take a view on that", Wards says. "But when it came to the Hottest 100, it was clear most people want the Hottest 100 to be on its own day when everyone can celebrate together".

"We want the Hottest 100 to be an inclusive and respectful event for all Australians, including all the incredible Indigenous artists making great Australian music, and the listeners from all cultural backgrounds who love it", the station said past year.

"We all agreed that the Hottest 100 shouldn't be part of a debate about the day it's on", a statement from Triple J said. "The Hottest 100 wasn't created as an Australia Day celebration", triple j said on its website. The results - the most popular 100 songs of that year - have always been played from #100 to #1 on January 26. "This is really important to us", the statement said.

"Whether you're listening in Busselton, Bundy, Alice or Aspen".

Triple J moves Hottest 100 to January 27