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Melania Trump didn't want to be first lady

27 November 2017

No no no, no way.

Ivana and Trump were married for 15 years before divorcing in 1992.

"I think he's missing a little bit of his old life", she said on The Ray D'Arcy Show Saturday.

"I was married to Donald".

Stone said that Melania Trump told her husband to "either run or don't run". "He was always on the telephone making the business".

"Now, every morning from eight o' clock until midnight he is working working working", Ivana said.

It appears that no one in the Trump household had any desire for its demented paterfamilias to become president, including-but not limited to-his wife Melania, according to a new profile in Vanity Fair, as well as piles of empirical evidence. "Everybody shoves at him the problem of the country. I have three kids with him, and I have no idea why she resents it". I think he must be freaking exhausted. "I don't think she was ever too insane about it".

Despite Ms Trump's hints that the President misses his old life, Mr Trump has already filed the necessary paperwork to begin fundraising for the 2020 election.

Ivana was also asked about her fallout with First Lady Melania Trump after she referred to herself as "first Trump lady". She just has to get over it.

However, Trump's loving feelings for his wife have not waned, and she is said to have a huge amount of influence over him. "She is the First Lady of the United States".

The White House responded at the time that Ivana Trump's statement was "self-serving noise".

Melania Trump didn't want to be first lady